Amalga Educraft has been crafting affordable technologies for facilitating collaborations remotely. Teacher- Student, Doctor - Patient, Lawyer - Client, Manager - Staff, Tutors - Child, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Corporate Offices can all work across geographical/ national boundaries. The disruption due to lock down gives fresh perspective on virtual collaboration


Client: eShiksha | DoCare | eTutor | eTrader | eOffice | eZoom

Amalga has launched and maintained several MEHC platforms including eShiksha, DoCare, eTutor, eTrader, eOffice, eZoom (http://eshiksha.co and https://thedocare.com/)

These platforms are tailored to meet the specific needs at the user community, be a doctor-patient, teacher-student, trader-client relationship.

Our Clients


  • Amalga Educraft is one of the most efficient educational programmes we could ever setup for our firm.
    Starting from the digital learning format to individual monitoring paths the module has helped us peak to enhance our system

    Sai Internationals
  • We chose Amalga because we simply could not find any other software that offered all the tools we needed under one platform, such comprehensive management systems, integration with third party apps and self-hosted sign up services, Incorporating Amalga Educraft into our system could remain cherishable forever

    The Gaudium School
  • Amalga simply easened up managing and trippled up efficiency, Because undeniably individual student care was just skeptical before Amalga

    Geetanjali Global

Amalga Offerings

Amalga Educraft Pvt Ltd services is a full services IT company providing Consultancy, Platforms and Products.

Amalga Educraft Pvt Ltd services is a full services IT company providing Consultancy, Platforms and Products. Amalga enables small and medium businesses(MSME), institutions and professionals by integrating our products in the medical, education, trading and corporate communications.We seamlessly integrate into your website, intranet, extranet and in-office applications to allow easy deployability with security.


We provide consulting service on e Learning, Institution management and Office communication during this corona crisis. Businesses who have engaged with us have seen productivity increases from 30 – 70% with larger games in the service sector. 


School Front Desk System
Library Management System
Exam Management System
Real Time Transport Management Solution
Hostel Management System
Canteen Management System
Asset Tracking System
Chapter & Tutor planning system
Admission & Lead Tracker
School Event Organizer and Manager Accounting System
ID Card Organizer
Intelligent Time Table Scheduler
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Inviting marketing and implementation partners in the medical and education sectors


6th August: eShiksha - Live Classes 7th August: eShiksha Platform - Course Delivery and Assessments8th August: eShiksha - Online Tutoring 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


We are an IT company facilitating Collaboration through machine enabled human communication.

Amalga Educraft Pvt Ltd is in its 3rd phase of growth where we are extending our service to help companies, hospitals, schools, Colleges and professionals of various disciplines including traders, doctors, tutors with business continuity during the disruptive impact of forced lock down. We enable our clients to effectively bridge the human to human communication and collaboration with social distancing etc. The post lock down world will be a transformed scenario and our clients get the hand holding support required to adapt.

In our first stage we were working with corporate, schools and professionals and grew to a user base of 330,000 till 2012. In our second phase from 2012 till 31st March 2020 with PSU collaborations and extended services, we grew to a national presence and to a user base of 1.2 million users. We received good recognition and entered into strategic partnerships with the public sectors, corporate sector and education sector.

With an achievable target of 10-100 million users, we are aggressively growing our marketing and implementation partner networks and also bringing in fresh investment. The corona lock down and resulting disruption created a unique demand for our solutions which we hope to serve to our best ability providing Indian prices to Indian professionals, corporate and institutions with world class quality of service leveraging best in class technologies including cloud, AI Analytics and machine learning.

Our Team

Gautam Sinha

Gautam Sinha


    Experienced Program Director with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Business Process, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Instructional Design, and Team Building. Strong professional with a MBA (Post Graduate Diploma; Bachelor of Science focused in Information Technology-Electronic Commerce from Government College.

    Ramchander Khatravath

    Ramchander Khatravath


      Proven track record of successfully achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within turnaround and rapid change environments
      An innate flair of writing, analytical approach, in documentation, project conceptualisation, proposal preparation, determining the financials and implementation approach.
      Experience in HR Systems & Policies, evaluating training needs and deploying Training Programs and building committed teams.


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