Admission & Lead Tracker

Regarding the admission we have few different types of Admission as follows:
Admissions can be taken online through our portal or could be linked to the respective platforms
Enrollments: Complete synopsis of enrollments and multiple dynamics can be recorded and reviewed online.
Inquiries: Parents have a choice of inquiring and comparing different schools online by their convenience.
Counseling: Automated e-counseling sessions are generated in order to enhance the selection process instead of time consuming offline method
Registering: students, the basic agendas of student registration are providing with admission, inquiry editing , inquiry followups and prospect receipts.
Admission pending: Management could get the complete reconsideration of admission logs at any given point of time.
Source of inquire: The portal provides with entire marketing logs in order to help institutions gain complete control over choosing the marketing platforms.
Tracking system : This module includes all the given components mentioned forth, alongside tracking them throughout different years and also provides institutions with distinguished display of complete data from previous years until then.

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