Asset Tracking System

  1. Vendor – This feature allows user to add vendor by mentioning PAN number, mobile number, email, and VAT number, and address.
  2. Item – Items will be listed with item name, description of item, quantity in hand, quantity in request, item type, category, item nature and price per unit.
  3. Quotations – This feature allows user to create quotation against requested inventory items or required inventory items to vendors by mentioning request date, quantity, expected cost, once quotation is raised the status will be pending, and should send quotation actions drop down, once quotation sent to vendor by selecting vendor name, the status will be quotation sent. Now click receive quotation from action dropdown by mentioning vendor and quoted unit cost and comments. This feature allows user to view the quotation received approve quotations, receive inventory items, and pay amount
  4. Sales – Sales by Class Items, and class items sale – Where you can capture information like Item Name, Sale Quantity, Unit Price, Total Amount, Issued on.
  5. Sale Student Wise – This feature captures information that items sold to student or parents.
  6. Employee Sale – This feature captures information related to the materials supplied to or sold to staff.
  7. Campus Item Details – This feature captures Item Name, Sale Quantity, Unit Price, Total Amount and Issued Date. It will defined based on the classification items related to the campus.
  8. Consumption – Consumption details will be captured here by Staff and students.
  9. Student Orders – Student can buy items classified for daily purposes. Small Ecommerce platform for students. This similar feature is also available in parent app – Where they could select the items that they have to buy from school on requirement basis.
  10. Supply Paid Orders – This feature captures student name, product name, no. of items, amount, Order Status. Provides receipts for already paid and order supplied.
  11. Payment Vouchers for all expenses can be tracked here in the Inventory Module.