Chapter & Tutor planning system

  1. Subject Chapters – Teachers can upload all chapter & sub chapter wise to the platform by excel uploads.
  2. Lessons – Each chapter and the lessons will be mapped as per the school – class curriculum.
  3. Plan- Lesson Plans will be devised as per class-section wise and mapped to the exam type.
  4. Tutor Plan – Teachers will work as per chapter – lesson – period wise with the pre-planned timetable.
  5. Daily Tutor Plan – Tutor Plan Name, Teaching Date, Topic Covered, Assignment, Materials, Process followed.
  6. Assignment details – Tutor Plan, Assignments, Assignment Date & End Date and description of the assignment.
  7. Student Assignment – Student Name, Assignment, Assignment Status and Assignment Date.
  8. Topics – Topics covered by Video and Lesson Topics List.
  9. General Videos – Videos related to curriculum subjects can be uploaded by teachers on prior approvals.