Real Time Transport Management Solution

  1. Vehicle Information – Full Vehicle Information – Assigned Driver with Driver Documents. Each Vehicle will be tagged with QR Code with full vehicle details.
  2. Route – All routes are mapped geographically with pick up and drop places along with the timings.
  3. Bus Mapping – No.of. Stops, No. of . Students along with Pick-Up and Drop timings.
  4. Student Conveyance – Student basic info along with their route chosen for Pick-Up and Drop also includes the distance and fees.
  5. Alerts – SMS Alerts will go to parents with GPS tracking of the bus. Parents can see in Parent app where the bus is currently. Alerts for end date vehicle Insurance and Road Tax etc
  6. Driver Health Monitoring- Breathe Analyzer and Body Temperature report.
  7. Trip timings – Scheduled or Change in Trip timings will be intimated to parents.
  8. Transport Slab – Route Wise – Distance Wise – Transport Fee Mappings.
  9. Approval List – Student, Father Name, Mobile, Permanent Address, Route Name, Class, Section and Approved status.
  10. Student Trip Attendance – Class, Section, Student Name, Cross Board, Bus Number, Route Name, Stop Name, Trip Time, Area, QR Code Scan for each student boarded the bus.
  11. Vehicle Trip Attendance – Driver Name, Registration Number, Bus Route Number and Name, Latitude & Longitude, Speed, Cleaner Name and Ayyamma Name will be captured on a daily basis.
  12. Vehicle In & Out – Driver Name, Registration No, Bus Route and No, Type – Empty or Occupied, Ayyamma and Cleaner Names will be captured.
  13. Reports – Driver Name, Ayyamma Name, Bus No, Total Boarded, Total Dropped and Date of Transport.
  14. Boarding Report – Campus Name, Class Name, Section, Student Name, Crossboard, Bus, Route Number, Created on.
  15. Staff Conveyance – Staff Name, Pick-Up Route Name, Pick-Up Stop Name, Drop